What is a Prescription Discount Card? [ top ]
A card that allows people who do not have other prescription drug coverage to obtain discount savings on prescriptions ranging from 10-50%.

Which prescription drugs are discounted? [ top ]
90% of FDA approved generic; brand name and mail order drugs are discounted.

Which pharmacies participate? [ top ]
Most chain stores including CVS, Wal-mart and Walgreen's as well as many smaller "mom and pop" stores, about 95% of pharmacies nationwide participate in the program.

How do I know if my pharmacy participates? [ top ]
Simply go to or call 866-375 -7591

What if I have a pre-existing condition? [ top ]
You will not be asked any questions about your health, income or age – you may use the card immediately.

Is there a maximum number of times I can use the card? [ top ]
No, use it as many times you need.

Is there a cost for the discount card? [ top ]
No, we are giving the discount card to you for free, even though these cards retail for as much as $5.95 per month.

Can I use it when I travel? [ top ]
Yes, the card can be used nationwide.

Can my family and friends use the card? [ top ]
Yes, family and friends can use your card. The cards are free, so if you need additional cards, call 866 375 7591

Can I use my card with Part D of Medicare? [ top ]
Yes. You can use your card in the donut hole portion of Medicare Part D.

Can I use the discount card with my current insurance plan? [ top ]
You may use this card when your prescription insurance runs out or if it doesn't cover a specific drug. You cannot use the discount card with a co-pay prescription insurance plan.

Can I order prescriptions over the phone? [ top ]
Yes, call 800-677-4323 and follow the directions for ordering prescriptions over the phone.